About Us

Go Slow Realty

who we are


Go Slow Realty understands that a local business must be knowledgeable about the wants and needs of its local community and have the ability to turn that knowledge into results for its customers. Combining this understanding as a local business and incorporating multiple product and service offerings, we are better able to provide a harmonious experience for our customers and our realtors.

Sincerity – Our goal is to use our network of people, knowledge, and services to help you make informed decisions.

Our Vision

At Go Slow Realty, we act with integrity, balancing traditional values and modern innovation. These values we will uphold and pass forward as we grow with each other, creating a family feeling between agent and client that lasts way into the distant future.

Our Mission

Our promise to ourselves and our clients is to provide the best experience, nurture the best talent, and establish the largest opportunity for growth and success. 

Buyers Agents

Working in a buyer’s agent’s role our consultants aim to get the best deal for our clients, and use their experience of the local property market and negotiating skills to secure the lowest possible price for the buyer.

As Buyer’s Agents we will work for you and with you to ensure you get the property you want, for the correct price.

Buyers Agents services

  • General property advisory including locate, assess and shortlist properties meeting your search criteria
  • Guiding first home buyers through the purchase process
  • Sourcing and shortlisting properties for buyers
  • Viewing properties in person for/with buyers
  • Arranging building inspections, including pest and strata reports
  • Communicating and negotiating with sellers and their legal team
  • Bidding at auction for buyers
  • Checking final sale contracts and following up on the final sale process